WOPHA With Foto Féminas, Hundred Heroines, and Foto Femme United. September 4, 2020.

WOPHA With Dodge Burn, Colectivo Las Niñas and Las Fotos Project. October 30, 2020.

WOPHA With: Online Working Group Meetings

WOPHA / 12.28.2020

WOPHA With is a documentary series of conversations between women photography organizations and collectives moderated on Zoom by WOPHA founder & director Aldeide Delgado during the last Friday of each month. It is an initiative of the WOPHA Research Program which provides access to primary-source material and critical documents related to women and photography for personal and educational purposes.

WOPHA extends reference services to both institutions and individuals to assist with long-term studies. Also, as part of the Research Program, we partner with universities and museums to organize scholarly symposiums and lectures that share active research at the organization.

The upcoming WOPHA Congress at PAMM generates a critical space for photography by bringing together worldwide organizations of women photographers, art historians, and curators who aim to build upon and better represent the dynamic history of women photographers from the 19th century through today. Through WOPHA With online working group meetings, we encourage conversations concerning modern and contemporary photography by women while fostering a space of collaboration, partnership, and camaraderie between like-minded organizations and collectives toward the WOPHA Congress.

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