WOPHA received $20,000 from The Miami Foundation Open for Business Fund to purchase technology and equipment assets.

WOPHA / 11.11.2023

WOPHA is delighted to announce the receipt of a $20,000 grant from The Miami Foundation Open for Business Fund. This grant is instrumental in acquiring technology and equipment assets to fortify the Archive’s essential programming, including exhibitions, workshops, portfolio reviews, and art residencies.

The Open for Business program, backed by a generous $20 million grant from Wells Fargo, is dedicated to supporting historically underserved small business owners in Miami-Dade County. Its mission is to empower nonprofits and small businesses, fostering generational wealth and resilience through the acquisition and ownership of critical business assets, including property, equipment, and technology.

WOPHA, as a recipient of the Microgrants for Technology and Equipment, is set to leverage this support to enhance its outreach capabilities. Aldeide Delgado, WOPHA Founder & Director, expressed her gratitude, noting that this backing will significantly broaden the organization’s impact on diverse audiences. The funds will facilitate the acquisition of audio and video equipment, contributing to the original production of exhibitions, scholarship, and documentation of women photographers’ work. This infusion of technology reinforces WOPHA’s standing as a leading Miami-based organization for international women and non-binary photographers.

With this support, WOPHA ensures the perpetuation of its contemporary voice, gaining recognition on both national and international levels. The grant aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing accessible and educational content, with panel sessions, artist interviews, and scholar presentations permanently archived on our website for artists, photographers, and the public to explore.

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